Chapter W was created one angry afternoon by two young women who yearned for a more honest online experience. They were tired of reading articles about losing weight, women on a downward spiral, gaining weight, why women will never be happy, being too fat, too skinny… so decided to create a page written by women, for women, where we’ll always aim to only share content you’ll want to read.

Chapter W will aim to offer no bullshit. no pretence. no shaming. It will allow women from all walks to life to share their stories, their career paths, and their opinions. We hope to make you think, debate, share and laugh with our content – and we promise to never use the word ‘millenials’ with a straight face. Gross.

We look forward to beginning this new chapter with you. Oh, and if you want to come on this journey with us, email on hello@chapterw.co.uk.

Katherine & Louisa
Chapter W Co-Founders

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