A New View on Juicing with PRESS

I’ve never been one for juice cleanses. I tried one once and as soon as celery hit the mix it was game over. That’s why I was intrigued when I stumbled upon PRESS London, and actually loved one of their juices, last November.

Heading in for a coffee (ironic when entering a juice bar, I know) I found a contemporary oasis in the city, complete with a ‘Life in Balance’ neon light which now sits photographed, pride of place as my Facebook cover photo. Kudos PRESS, kudos.

Alongside my coffee, I walked out with their strawberry, apple and coconut ORCHARD 3 juice, which I kid you not tasted exactly like a strawberry milkshake.

So when my weak immune system and digestion problems reared their ugly head earlier this year, I got in touch with the team at PRESS looking for something to give me a boost of good health, and they kindly sent me their new ‘Nourish’ Cleanse to try.

Featuring their CHARCOAL LEMONADE, GREENHOUSE 3, GARDEN 2 AND VANILLA LECHE juices alongside their SKINNY VEG BROTH, TOMATO, BASIL & CASHEW AND MINTED PEA soups, I was excited to see how the cleanse could help me feel a little healthier.

I won’t lie, I did struggle with two of the juices; GREENHOUSE 3 and GARDEN 2 unfortunately were simply not to my taste, but I’ve certainly found a new favourite in the CHARCOAL LEMONADE. Refreshing, energising and alkalising, I’ve even been told it can help kick a hangover, which certainly sounds like a winner to me.

The soups massively helped with the concern I had about craving something to eat. Warming and healthy, without compromising on taste, they’re the perfect addition to the traditional juice cleanse.

So how did I feel after the cleanse? I felt great. I didn’t weigh myself before and after, as for me this wasn’t about weight loss, but I certainly felt lighter and less bloated. More importantly, I felt like I’d taken my health into my own hands, which felt like a dream.

If you want to try a PRESS Juice and Soup Cleanse, they’ve kindly offered us a discount code for all Chapter W readers, offering a free day off of a 3 day Cleanse. Simply visit the PRESS London website, select your 3 day Cleanse and add the code ‘CHAPTERW’ at checkout.

Don’t forget to let us know how you get on!

Katherine Chambers


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