Five Best Lizzie McGuire Episodes

We’re throwing it back this Thursday. Way back to early 2000’s, when home time television was dominated by a little someone called Lizzie, and her motley crew of Miranda and Gordo. Yes. We’re talking about Lizzie McGuire. Take it away, Louisa…

I used to get home from a hard day at school, kick back on the sofa with four Nutella sandwiches and a Fanta Fruit Twist (that metabolism though), and stick on the Disney channel to hang out with my girl. Yes. Lizzie McGuire. Hilary Duff in her teens was an angel on my screen, and who didn’t love her original BitMoji character acting out all her crazy Junior High shenanigans?

The theme tune was a banger (if you BELIEEEVEE, we’ve gaaatt a PICTUREEE PERFECT PLANNN), Matt was suhhh annoyingehhh (relatable if you had a brother) and Gordo was the loveable geek we kind of would have fancied if he was seven inches taller. We’ve relived the five best Lizzie McGuire episodes, so you can go back on YouTube and relive those awkward years all over again.

Oh, and we’ve even linked you straight to the theme tune, so you can properly get into it.

1 – Lizzie Gets A Bra.

The episode that really elevated you from primary school to secondary school, relating to Lizzie wanting to get a bra for her blossoming 30AA bosom. She proclaims that she wants a bra possibly 65 times, and then takes the trip with her mum and Miranda to the US equivalent of Marks & Sparks for a soft cotton number, preferably with colourful straps that she can show off during double maths. Oh Lizzie, u so relatable girl. 

2 – The one where Miranda has an eating disorder for 20 minutes.

You can’t say that LM didn’t bring some hard hitting subjects to the table. Miranda wants to look thin for Gordo’s music video (because remember that Gordo was the next big director) so she develops an eating disorder, but eventually Lizzie persuades her that she’s fab and they dance around at the end all confidentially. In other news, did you also know that Miranda (aka LaLaine) was arrested for meth possession. So there’s that.

3 – When Lizzie gets a fake nose ring and is a bit naughty for a bit. 

Lizzie becomes a bit sassy in this one, with her clip on jewellery from Claire’s and her crazy coloured hair. Gordo & Miranda put together a video to remind her of the PG girl we all know and love, and she returns to form. This episode really inspired me to try and be as bad grrrrl as Lizzie is, but my parents swiftly reminded me that there’s no way in hell my UK State school would allow me to wear coloured hair clips let alone a nose ring, and I quickly fell out of that trend. But still. Very Avril Lavigne of her.

4 – When Lizzie gets her heart broken for the first time

The plot really thickened with this episode. Ms. McGuire gets a boyfriend from ANOTHER SCHOOL (can you even believe it), and gets her first snog on the side of a pavement…but little does she know, peeping Gordo is a’lurking, and sees the romance develop before his pre pubescent eyes. Lizzie unfortunately gets dumped after 2 days for a girl at the guys school (idiotic move as Hilary Duff is easily the fittest woman alive), but it does show us that Gordo has a lil thangggg for Lizzie. A bit of a dramatic episode to watch whilst eating your crispy pancakes with your parents in the room, who were shocked and appalled at the smooch. Tut tut, Disney channel.

5 – The. Damn. Movie.

So every episode is gold, but the movie. The damn movie. This is essentially a masterclass in Noughties tween movie classics. The trip abroad, the unknown romance with Gordo, the popstar life, ROME, the big finale…not to mention the absolute SMASH ‘What Dreams Are Made Of’ which still goes OFF when it’s played at 4am after your night out. The whole thing is perfection, although part of me still refuses to believe that Lizzie would EVER have been unpopular compared to Kate Sanders. She’s the fittest damn girl in that school, and definitely would not have been my friend in year 9. Sigh. The film made us all believe that the annual year 7 trip to France would be filled of adventure and prospective stardom, rather than soggy sandwiches and an unfulfilling trip to see the Bayeux Tapestry.

Thanks for the memories, Lizzie. Miss u babes.

Louisa Davies.


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