10 Things That Happen When You Get a Cold

Chapter W co-founder Katherine seems to come down with something nasty on a monthly basis – high five to that wicked immune system girl. So confined to bed, she decided to document her misery in list form. How therapeutic…

  1. You wake up with a sore throat. Every. Single. Time.
  2. You go to work, despite feeling like death, simply to prove to everyone that yes you’re ill, and no you’re not hungover.

  3. You leave work early. Because no one wants to sit next to the girl that just coughed her lung up onto the keyboard.
  4. The guilt kicks in. Time to excessively check your emails and make sure you respond to everything with immediacy, ensuring you appear ‘on the ball’, when in reality you have tissue stuffed up each nostril. Tissue which you’re debating shortly exchanging for tampons because, hello heavy flow.

  5. You remember a colleague mentioning you looked ‘grey’ and decide you’ve probably got pneumonia. Shout out to Daily Mail for telling you it’s spreading around like that Beyonce photo.
  6. You should definitely be feeding your body greens, nutrients and Vitamin C, so naturally the chocolate comes out. You’re ill and deserve a treat. Right?
  7. You decide you really need to sleep. Like really. Right now. SO TIRED.

  8. Remember that new Netflix ‘hit’ that you decided looked shit? Let the binge watching commence. Who needs sleep when you can watch an entire series without even having to press play for the next episode.
  9. That series you thought was shit? It is. So you start Snapchatting your work bezzie attractive ‘I’m so ill’ photos. Hello! I need sympathy and human interaction.
  10. Time to lie in bed, awake, for hours, spluttering and wondering whether you’ll be able to make it into the office tomorrow, or whether you’ll have to make the dreaded call.

And as you crawl back to bed, head full of cold, you drift off, dreaming of the days your mum would bring you Lucozade and chicken soup. Those bygone days…where did they go?



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