5 Items for a Capsule Wardrobe

We all have those moments where we are stood in our Disney pants, weird bobbly bra, with our head in our hands, our entire wardrobe surrounding us as we cry ‘I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR’. Wardrobe dilemmas can be more traumatic than losing your first tooth, and when the only things you can find are your glittery hot pants and summer time dresses, you can be stuck in a bit of a bind. Don’t fret pet – we’re here to solve your wardrobe woes with five staples you should have on you at all times. Because you know what they say, trends come and go, but stripes are forever.

1 – Good jeans

Yes, we know that jeans from Primark are £9. Yes, we know that blue, cropped jeans with pink patches all over them with frayed ends are super cool and this seasons hottest trend. But, Primark jeans will stretch, and trends will leave you, and then where will you be left? We would recommend purchasing a pair of high quality jeans in every colour, preferably around the £40-50 mark. This is definitely an extra expense, but one you will appreciate when you don’t have to buy another pair of jeans for a year. Topshop and H&M are fantastic stores for jeans – and are super flattering too. Trust us. Invest.

2 – Striped polo neck

Polo necks in general are always a trusty source of fashion, so we would definitely recommend in getting a tonne in different colours, but striped polo necks are necessary additions to a wardrobe. Embrace your inner Parisian with a chic striped polo neck, tucked into your fab high quality jeans, and teamed with…

3 – Leather boots

Yup. Leather boots. Preferably black. Black boots go with everything. Adidas jumper and ripped jeans? Little floral dress? Cami top and lipstick? Any combination is a winner with a pair of fantastic leather boots. Investing in a slightly pricey pair of boots can save you from shoes that aren’t prepared to last over 3 weeks, and can be wardrobe staples for years to come. Again, Topshop is great for fab boots, as well as Office and even little stores like Dune. Keep an eye out.

4 – Leather jacket 

This may be the priciest product on our list, but it will be one that could well last you a solid ten years. Leather jackets are again perfect for chucking on over anything, even a grey Victoria’s Secret tracksuit (trust us we tried this combo). All Saints are renowned for their fantastic leather jackets, but if your bank balance has a mini heart attack at their prices, check out Zara for some more realistic options.

5 -Little black dress

And finally, we’ve taken fashion advice from Posh Spice back in 1997. A little black dress is the only thing you’ll need for a big night out. We would recommend a black, cami slip dress, which can be teamed with a choker and dark lipstick for a vampy look, or even worn with your polo underneath and tights for a chic work look. It’ll be your new best friend, and can cost as little as £18 on ASOS. We got you sister.

So say goodbye to tears in your pants, and hello to your five new pieces that will save your arse on unexpected nights out, or days out. Chapter W are always here for you.


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