5 Netflix Docs to Feed Your Feminist Soul

Netflix is as comforting as a warm drink on a shitty Sunday, it’s there for you in times of trash, drama, and allows you to relive series one of Made in Chelsea whenever you please. Yup. It’s a gift sent from the heavens for young women. We’ve detailed five documentaries to feed your soul with this November, but be warned… They’re not all easy watches.

1 – The Hunting Ground

A documentary that was applauded critically for drawing attention to the rapes and sexual assaults that take place on US College campuses, this programme is one that stays with you for a while. Lady Gaga’s haunting song ‘Till It Happens To You’ represents the struggle of the women who felt their voices were silenced to ensure the disgraced football players could still win State, rather than be expelled for their behaviour. Infuritating, but desperately important. Once you’ve watched, make sure you check out Gaga’s performance of this at The Oscars. Chills.

2 – Audrie and Daisy

Leading on from The Hunting Ground, Audrie and Daisy follows a similar theme, however focuses on high school girls in the US. Tragically, Audrie’s story does not have a happy ending. The documentary is heart-wrenching, but at the same time inspirational as the victims rally around oneanother to create a voice that will not be silenced.

3 – India’s Daughter

Based on the atrocious 2012 Delhi gang rape that saw a young 23 year old woman raped and murdered on a bus in India, this tells the story of that dreadful ordeal, and highlights a lack of empathy towards the victim and really hones in on India’s attitudes towards women. Prepared to be shocked and appalled as the judge and men involved divulge their opinion of that night. Not ok.

4 – Hot Girls Wanted

Directed and produced by Parks & Recreation star Rashida Jones, this documentary follows the journey of young girls who leave home to follow a pornographic career. It’s slightly shady, and also desperately sad to see these young, vulnerable women seek validation in a world of webcams and dirty bedrooms. An interesting take on the business, as admittedly all the women in the film are willingly using their bodies to fund their lives. Let us know what you think! 

5 – Miss Representation

This is feminism 101. Miss Representation discusses sexism and gender inequality in the American media, and society in general. Be prepared to get a neck injury from nodding so fiercely at all of the hideous realisations it uncovers. Definitely one that should be taught in schools.


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