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Here are Chapter W, we are interested in bringing women from all career paths to the forefront, exploring their route into their jobs and what they want for the future. And boy, is our first interview a corker. We spoke to Emma Little, an Events and Promotions Coordinator for Benefit Cosmetics, about her day to day role, and how she got there. 

Hey, I’m Emma. I’m obsessed with Instagram, the Olsen twins and wearing mono colours. 

As well as this, I work for the worlds pinkest brand, Benefit Cosmetics. I’m on the marketing team, specifically events and promotions; arguably one of the most fun jobs!

It’s tricky to give a simple day to day breakdown of what I do because it can be so varied.  9am start, usually from our Chelmsford Head Office or our Press office in Covent Garden. The usual coffee and inbox power hour. I’ll then make sure that all upcoming projects are on track, this will be anything from activity in our boutiques, product launches, external events (e.g. at the moment we’re working on a pop up at Sunday Times Style Smartworks Fashion event in Somerset House), to (super) large scale events like Good Ship Benefit.

With events like this the marketing team will cover everything from the planning, execution, third parties, staff, literally everything down to the cutlery in the restaurant. At the moment my afternoons are filled with planning for 2017 and figuring out how to make everything bigger and pinker than 2016. With over 400 events in an average year, it can be very full on! But all the work is definitely worth it, something that makes me smile every time is knowing that we’re the No1 premium makeup company in the UK. Oh, and 90% of the people making this happen are female. #GirlPower

I studied Fashion Retail Branding at London College of Fashion, I was always interested in brand marketing and that degree cemented it for me. I’m lucky that I secured a number of PR and styling internships during my time at university, which gave me a strong CV to head out into the big bad world with. Interning is definitely a top tip from me!

Whilst studying, I was a Jack Wills Seasonnaire which was the most incredible way to learn the ropes of marketing and events, spending my days throwing parties for students and learning the importance of word of mouth marketing from some of the most creative and incredible people I know to this day. Once I graduated, I spent the first 3 years of my career on the Jack Wills marketing team; 2 years in the UK and then the last in the USA covering everything from in store marketing, heading up the Seasonnaire programme and large scale events like the Varsity Rugby at Twickenham.

I couldn’t really tell you exactly what I want to end up doing or where I’ll be in 5-10 years time, but I know I want it to be in brand marketing in the fashion or beauty industry. At some point in the future I’d like to learn new skills from another monster company then take everything I’ve learnt and start up my own company. Lastly, I want to be in a position to be able to create something similar or contribute to the likes of FutureGirlCorp -Sharmadean Reid, you BABE.

Ideally I’d like to be able to show up to all of the above head to toe in Acne or Gucci, so in the mean time I’ll be working my butt off to get a pair or 6 of fluffy Princeton’s to continue my career in. 

Emma Little


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