5 Reads for January

Put down that Twitter timeline and step away from reading your bank statement, because here are some proper reads for your eyes to get stuck into this January.

1 – ‘The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo’ – Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer’s ‘Trainwreck’ was last summer’s cinema sweetheart, and her ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ TV series is a genuine laugh a minute comedy, so her memoir, unsurprisingly, is no exception. Amy’s chapters detail her rise to comedic fame, explaining her struggle along the way in a candid and frank tone of voice that we all love so much. It’s not all laughs, with Amy honestly telling us all about her father’s struggle with MS, her families money issues, and also the infamous cinema shooting that left two women dead after going to see her film ‘Trainwreck’. One for the tube commute, just don’t be surprised if people stare at you sniggering.

2 – ‘Milk and Honey’ – Rupi Kaur.

You may recognise some of Kaur’s heart wrenching poetry on your Instagram feed, as her words lend themselves perfectly to bite size chunks to share with your pals. Rupi Kaur’s poetry collection details heartbreak, love, repairing yourself, loving yourself in short poems accompanied with doodles that will leave you feeling like she’s broken into your brain and found your inner most thoughts. Prepare to clear some space on your camera roll, as you’ll be snapping every single poem and sharing with your best friends in your Whatsapp group.

3 – ‘Girl Up’ – Laura Bates.

Laura is the fantastic brain behind ‘Everyday Sexism’, and this is her second book detailing the very prominent issues women face every single day. ‘Girl Up’ takes you on a journey from your body, mind, sex, relationships…and is a very matter of fact guide on just how sexist the world can be, and how to counter this with some excellent pieces of advice from the experts. One that should be taught in schools.

4 – ‘The Girls’ – Emma Cline.

This novel lends itself brilliantly to beach side reading, where you can consume it in one gorgeous gulp by the pool. Cline narrates the story of 1970’s America, and a cult of gorgeous girls that are all too intriguing to the protagonist, but we later find out for all the wrong reasons. Allow yourself to be swept away to the murky days of America in the summer, best followed with a playlist including Stevie Nicks.

5 – ‘Becoming’ – Laura Jane Williams

Laura’s debut novel details her sticky heartbreak from the man she thought she would marry, through a promiscuous period of her life, and then binning all men altogether for a life of celibacy. For women everywhere who want to figure their own mind out before committing to another’s, an inspirational read that will leave you air punching the sky and pursuing those dreams you had (or maybe starting smaller, by washing your hair that day). Every little helps.

Louisa Davies


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