The Definitive Guide of S Club 7 Songs

Tina. Rachel. Hannah. Jo. Bradley. Paul. Jon. If you are a woman of a certain age, your stomach may just do little backflips at these seven names, and anger may even rise inside of you at the mention of Paul. These seven human beings shaped one of the most defining groups of our time.

Yes. We are talking about S Club 7. 

For many of us, S Club 7’s albums were the first we bought (despite us telling our cooler friends at uni it was definitely The Fugees album), the first gigs we rocked and raved to (because ‘Reach’ went OFF), and still the band we want to hear when we’re drunk at 4am eating pizza.

Here at Chapter W, we’re all about giving you the important stuff. So, we have ranked a definitive list of S Club’s top 10 bangers. Enjoy, and please relive those glory days on Spotify whilst you commute. We won’t tell anyone.

10 – You’re My Number One

From the opening drum beat, and accompanying ‘ooh’s’ and ‘nanana’s’, you can’t help but click your fingers and bop along to one of S Club’s first tracks. It even has a little bit of controversy with the line ‘like a drug you’ve got me wanting more’, a nod to their slightly rebellious side (anyone remember when the lads all got caught smoking weed? Scandal). Definite first dance material.

9 – Reach

Controversially coming in low, but no one likes a sell out. There is no denying that Reach can bring everyone from your little sister to your Grandma to the dance floor at a family shindig, and who else can deny smiling a little at those uplifting vocals. It reminds you of those playground dance routines you conjured up in year 3. Great memories.

8 – You

Definitely underrated track from the S Clubbers. A 1960’s feel, accompanied with a fantastic video. Catchy as hell, and who doesn’t love an S Club track where the girls and boys all get an equal shot at lead vocals? (Except you Tina and Hannah.)

7 – Never Had A Dream Come True

A ballad that had you screeching the lyrics at the top of your lungs whilst your Dad drove you to your swimming lessons. And that video was fashion goals. Fur lined ugg boots with beige/cream knitwear. AW17?

6 – Have You Ever 

A real teal jerker, this one. Another excellent vocal delivered by Jo (such a shame about her racist rants on Big Brother, really). A ballad that we all can shed a tear to in the right mood.

5 – It’s Alright

This is the sign of a real S Club fan. This is track 9 on their third album, and one that definitely has never been appreciated enough. A happy, ‘do-do’ track that just makes you want to stick on LA7 and eat potato smileys, because nothing is that bad.

4 – Two In A Million

Hand on heart, we believe if this was released today with a different drum beat it would be a hit. A fantastic, nostalgic love song that was a real hit at 2000’s discos. We really are two in a million, baby.

3 – S Club Party

The OG. A real party anthem. It’s got a catchy hook, gets you right to the purpose of S Club, and got all of us Hoochie Mama’s showing their Nana’s (still unsure if an 8 year old should have been singing this). And you’d be a liar if you didn’t try and jump in the air, drawing an S.

2 – Natural

Rachel’s big moment, and boy did it pay off. The song that many boys would credit their sexual awakening with, given THAT video featuring Miss. Stevens lying in the sea. A slightly more grown up, r&b feeling track. A real banger.

1 – Don’t Stop Movin

And the real foot tapper, our winner, ladies and gentleman. Don’t Stop Movin is lead by the brilliant Bradley, with some shrieking from Jo, and who else loved that blurry video of them in da club? You can’t deny the beat, so don’t stop moving to the funky funky beat, or the S Club beat.

Louisa Davies


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  1. Sian Salmon
    January 28, 2017 / 6:04 pm

    Love that Natural is so high on this list. Rachel: the OG babe.

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